A Tiled Tree

Surprise, I’m painting another tree!  For this tree, I decided to go in a completely different direction.  This painting, which measures 12 in by 12 in, is painted in a process to resemble a tile mosaic.  I started the painting with a simple green and brown background for the trees leaves and trunk.  To form the tree and trunk, I placed small pieces of tape in a random pattern in the shape of the tree , then painted over the tape with black paint.  Next, I masked over the tree and painted the blue sky and green grass background.  This I placed small pieces of tape over the background and painted over them in black.  Finally, I removed all of the tape to reveal the Tiled Tree. This painting will be available in my ETSY shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BAWartwork.

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Anatomy of my new Tree Painting

For my latest project, I decided to create another tree painting.  I wanted to make something different than my previous trees, so I went with a close up of branches instead of a full tree and used various shades of brown.  This painting consists of 3 separate stretched canvases measuring 17 x 44 inches.  For the background I chose to paint a wood grain type of pattern.  The first picture shows my progress on the background with the wood grain halfway complete and the next picture shows the wood grain background complete.  I decided to paint light and dark brown branches to add contrast to the painting.  The next photo shows the dark branches on top of the wood grain background.  Next, I added detail to the flowers on the dark branches.  And finally I painted the light branches.  The final picture shows the completed painting with the detail on the light branches.  I hope you enjoy!

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New Series


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So, I’ve been working on a new series of paintings I’m calling Layers.  My inspiration for this series came from my Japanese Flowers painting.  In that painting, I weaved together different colored strips of canvas to to create a vertical block pattern … Continue reading